Additional Bowling Info

About the League:

We have two 18 week periods in which we bowl. You do not have to be present each week to remain in the league.

About Pre-Bowling:

You are eligible to pre-bowl anytime prior to the bowl date. If you pre-bowl, then we can use those scores on the actual bowling night.

If you choose not to prebowl, then we will use your average less 10 pins on the actual bowling night.

About Team Size and Vacancies:

Teams are made up of four members. Teams of two or three are also acceptable; however blank (or vacant) members will be added to bring the team up to four members.

Vacant slots will be assigned a bowling average of 120 with a handicap of 72 pins.

About the Handicap:

Our handicaps are based upon 90% of 200 pins, allowing less experienced bowlers to compete with more experienced bowlers.

For example:
A bowler with an average of 120 will get a handicap of 72 pins. (200 - 120) X 90% = 72.
A bowler with an average of 190 will get a handicap of 9 pins (200 - 190) X 90% = 9.

About the Fees:

Current fees are $15.00 per week. This fee does not include your shoe rental (if needed).

All league members receive discounts on bowling fees, rental fees, and food purchases in the bowling center.

An additional yearly sanction fee of $18.00 is also required as we are a sanctioned member of IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organization).

About the Prize Fund:

All members of All teams qualify for the prize fund (provided the member has paid all fees due).

We pay out all positions, from 1st place to last place. Amounts vary based upon the number of members in the league.

Out of Bounds is a proud sponsor of the Freedom Bowling League.